About Stephen Cashman

Over a decades-long career, Stephen Cashman has made an indelible mark in public and private education. He has dedicated his life to mentoring teachers, developing educational strategies, and optimizing the quality of education for students across all age brackets.

Career Background

He started his educational journey as an elementary teacher, during which he honed his understanding and appreciation for the work within the classroom. Over 24 years, he climbed the ranks as a K-12 administrator on both public and private levels. His work ranged across elementary, middle, and high school domains in his pursuit of holistic education. During his initial 18 years in the third largest school district in Pennsylvania, he partook in several significant district initiatives encompassing many facets like instruction, leadership, school culture, and communication.

Retiring from public education, Stephen found a new opportunity with Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School, taking on the responsibilities of an instructional specialist and relationship manager. He utilized this role to design and implement integrated, holistic teaching systems, enhancing students’ workforce skills and preparing them for successful futures. His involvement ranged from work-study placements in academic settings to consultation with the leadership team in refining everyday high school processes.

Achievements and Accolades

Over his illustrious career, he has been recognized five times for contributions exceeding the scope of his daily duties. His efforts have ranged from brokering a partnership between his students and Habitat for Humanity to spearheading district-wide initiatives such as an elementary standards-based report card, a transition to trimesters, K-12 electronic portfolios, and even the inauguration of a 15th elementary school.

Adding to his achievements, Stephen holds a doctorate and is a published author in academic journals focusing on the development of teachers as leaders. Furthermore, he prides himself on his memberships with Kappa Delta Pi, the Bucks County School Administrators Association (BCSAA), the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), and the Board of Managers for the Bucks County Youth Detention Center. His unique accolades include being named the Youth Counselor of the Year in 1997.

Hobbies and Personal Life

Outside of his professional life, he is an active enthusiast of exercise and running. He discovered these hobbies as a means of stress relief and fell in love with how good they made him feel. He incorporates fitness as an integral part of his daily routine, further boosting his energy and focus on his passion—education.

Steven Cashman is the epitome of dedication, resilience, and perseverance. He encapsulates the spirit of an educator devoted to fostering growth, navigating changes, and giving students the best opportunities to succeed. His unwavering commitment to moving education forward truly resonates and continues to make a difference in countless young lives.

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Stephen Cashman